Welcome to the world of HK Music, welcome to the corner stone of talent in hells kitchen. The pionears of the Golden Age have sparked the minds of the Hells New Era which has led into the graphene dream era. The music game has changed alot from the golden age where mixtapes in cd form were in abundance, now those same cd’s dont exist. Jaymazin’s hooks brong artist to work with eachother but new dot feli and jaymazin putting out music videos before other artist thought it was possible to make there own music videos, really inspired others to not give up on there dreams and know that there destiny is in there own hands. YA BOI BRON & JAYMAZIN are HK MUSIC’S DEADLIEST DUO, but is trouble on the horizon for the two now that the two had comments about Joe black.

Sumnlite came up in the graphene dream era, where he was able to shine in a market where the majority of the talent and effort is coming from a small circle of people. Sumnlite got hot under the radar of the hk music market until the ‘loyalty” music video came out and brong sumnlite in the light of hk music. T he sound cloud grind is real and sumnlite has worked for those views and was building a buzz. HK MUSIC WORLD is in the middle of

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