Form conception to completion the album is a Gem. A true diamond in the rough. Nobody had the edge that dinero had and nobody had the concept. Shawn’s reach was further than just the neighborhood. He had the troops. When the Full Metal Jacket concept came up we thought real hard about it cause we didn’t know how the streets would accept it. But I remember the day we went to ITruth crib to listen to the instrumentals. When I heard the “Ain’t No Sunshine” beat I looked at Shawn and thought this is his style. Then as truth played more beats I realized we have a gem on our hands if we record this album. The beats were just crazy. So right there we made up our mind. “Full Metal Jacket”. Was going to come to life. We worked day in and day out (as any artist should) to make this album perfect. We set up shop in Shawn’s basement recording studio in New Jersey, bought a printer, printing paper, paper cutter, cd cases, bud and bottles lol. We recorded the album, re-recorded songs, I designed the album cover, and we put it all together. A full assembly line. It was a great moment for Shawn Dinero. I was very proud if him and proud of the hard work we all put in for it. In my opinion the album is exactly what hip hop needs. It’s a different sound, a different edge, a different vibe. It shows how a young black male from a neighborhood that once was seriously notorious, was in a gang, hustled, and lived that life could make himself better by going to college, joining the military, and having a real family. He even went on to win 2nd place in a showcase at pyramid club for get signed magazine and Digiwaxx. It’s definitely something worth listening to and you will see in his lyrics that it’s real. It was a pleasure being a part of this project. It’s one of my biggest accomplishments in my career and definitely one of my highlights. Salute to Shawn Dinero.And about the remastering It was one of his wisest decisions. He will forever has a completely professionally recorded masterpiece he created

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