In the past we were building a team called “Streetstars Music”. We have put together a mix tape promo called “Summer Mind State”. Where I show case my writing skills and diversity. I have many favorites off the mix tape, but the song that stands out most to me is called “Driven”. It describes what I am currently going through now to start my career. Ever since I was younger I always wanted to be a artist. My favorite artist are Tupac, Biggie, Big L, Big Pun, Cam’ron, Drake etc. Writing has always been my passion. I started out writing poetry at a very young age . It was my way of expressing the way I was feeling and the way I saw things in life. It was later when I started to transform my writing into music. I was about 14 Years old when I wrote my 1st song. I remember locking myself in the room and playing instrumentals and writing songs till the crack of dawn. My music is very diverse. I write songs relating to the daily life from being in a relationship, street life, drugs, clubbing, jump offs, the way I grew up and my experiences. My main goal is to build a strong foundation of my surrounding’s that want to achieve the same dream as me. Open mic shows I have done: Sullivan Hall, Karma Lounge, lights camera action, Drahma magazine, 16 Bars, Radio: PNC, Urban Latino Projects: “Summer Mind State” Mixtape 2010

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