TROPS “UPTOWN” (ft Lethy Liriano, Charlie Cruz, Tellie Floydd)

The block is hottness/up to no good while the cops watching/stack with my niggas we count and divide profit/hustle to survive is what im seeing thru my optics/no mirages/what you seeing is what you rock with/corner store loosies and dutches/bottles in a bucket/we partying hard without a budget/remember when l use to eat my school lunches/now im eating good food same time im counting hundreds/fast money dodging the government/we loving it/dashing out thru the fireescape while they running in/and when the time approaches/we getting drunk and roasted/find us some pretty dymes/scatter like roaches/im on that hennessey black potion/bout to cop a few bootlegs/call shorty to the crib/we watch half of the flick/her hands all on my dick/we bout to make a movie called “WE GETTING IT IN”/yo im out/

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