There is no secret that JOE BLACK is from HELL’S KITCHEN,and has been one of a few to push the hk movement into new lights and there is no secret that many artist have been taking shots because of dislike or discomfort or maybe a mixture of both. We want to know is that the case or is it straight up hate,so we are going to break down the possible haters.

YA BOI BRON said in a podcast with HK MUSIC NEWS that he didn’t think JOE BLACK was nice with them bars and that he would kill him if they ever battled.

JAYMAZIN  claims that joe black does not want to release the track they did with FRED DA GODSON.

PAPER KIDD says he wants to battle joe black only because of his status

we will let you choose the reason for why they have called the self acclaimed prince of hells kitchen.

Hating or not JOE BLACK is tired of these rappers and wrote about it on his Facebook

“I got rap niggas that I gotta act like I like, but my actin days are ova fuck them niggas for life” – JOE BLACK

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