The Hip hop R&b and actor Jaymazin, which was awarded “KING OF HOOKS” from HK Music, because of the way his exceptional talent with writing or performing hooks, that brought hells kitchen music artist together. WHY ARE SOME NOT SHOCKED THAT JAYMAZIN PUT OUT A DISS TRACK well thats because if we take a trip down HK MUSIC history JAYMAZIN had many battles on wax all away to the track named “KINGS” which he went after the ones at the top of HK MUSIC at the time “THEY SAY THE KINGS ARE SHAWN BLACK AND VAIN BUT WHO GASSED YA UP, IM A WRAP YA UP”

Then later on JAYMAZIN had a battle with an artist in his own circle that went 3 tracks each with the artist now known as DUKE MORRISON.

JAYMAZIN has chosen to diss TONE DOLLARS an upcoming artist from the bronx, with a foot in the game because of his track 100k which is a banga that caught the eye of DJ VLAD. JAYMAZIN puts a diss track out called 100k going at TONE DOLLARS but why is JAYMAZIN hating or is there more?. In the diss track JAYMAZIN states “Nigga you stupid or Nigga you dum/ you fuck with the team, we coming in hard, strapped with them guns/ nigga you know what it is nigga BRON my family/ nigga run to your mammy, coming in banging/ so many tools call me handy manny”. BRON is the reason for the diss track which he is not on, JAYMAZIN puts on his new artist ALBOCCTRIX doesn’t make sense. BRON wasn’t always rapping with JAYMAZIN, BRON use to be in a group called MFU which consist of TONE DOLLARS and PRETTY MEAN, when did that go sour or did YA BOI BRON go sour about his boy making it closer to his dream or did TONE DOLLARS switch up and start acting different because of the success of “100k”, or is JAYMAZIN starting some shit to get some of the light from 100k success.


100k diss track


maybe BRON could be tight he is not on TONE DOLLARS biggest track, but who knows


LISTEN to what bron has to say about the old group “MFU”

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