Who is This Guy? Tone Dollarz is one of the hottest underground rappers in the game right now.
Born Jesus Ramos, June 10, 1990, into a strong Puerto Rican heritage. Tone Dollarz grew up in the hardcore streets of the South Bronx, where he has adapted his personality and his hunger mentality to strive for success. Tone Dollarz comes from a long line of OG’s, where he is the son of the notorious Willis Lynch Mob member Tone and also the nephew of the notorious Willis Lynch Mob member Weechie; who both continue to influence and shape the life and music of Tone Dollarz. Tone Dollarz was raised by his mother Carmen Torres and his grandmother Carmen Rivera, in the “jungle” also known as Brook Avenue. Tone Dollarz indicates that both his mother and his grandmother are the core reasons for his continuous strive for success. Tone Dollarz was influenced by the New York hip-hop culture at a very young age. It was noted that Tone Dollarz has been creatively playing with words since the age of five. Growing up, music has helped Tone Dollarz to understand the life of the streets and the price you pay for playing with the streets.
Tone Dollarz was known for his athletic abilities in baseball, attending All Hallow high school, where he then developed his passion for hip-hop; an obsession for music, which he realized with hard work, it can be his career. During his freshmen year of college, Tone Dollarz met a talented rapper, named Dylan aka N.I. whom encouraged him to record his first song. After rapping from dorm room to dorm room, N.I. soon paid for Tone Dollarz to record in a professional studio located in Syracuse. After N.I. graduated, Tone Dollarz continued with his craft and began to create a buzz on campus, later bringing that buzz back to New York City after graduating from Cazenovia College, located in Cazenovia, NY.
“Music was how I coped with stress, I was always great with words” explains Tone Dollarz. “I was always told, go to school, get an education, get a job, have kids, and save money;I was never told follow your dreams.”
Tone Dollarz ventured out alone as an underground rapper, in high hopes of transforming his dreams into reality. The next step for Tone Dollarz was to solidify a core fan base and continue to drop music that people related to. Tone Dollarz dropped numerous amounts of visuals before he decided to drop the REAL mixtape. Tone Dollarz joined forces with DJ Tati, the queen of queens, who has helped Tone Dollarz immensely in the sense of promotion and branding his social media image. The mixtape developed a significant amount of buzz and Dj Tati has elevated the platform for Tone Dollarz, from being an average local rapper to becoming respected as an artist.
The aim of the REAL mixtape is to recite his and other people’s struggles in music, on the street, and generally in life. The Mixtape shows that people can grow and flourish despite the environments they grew up in. Growing up without a father figure for thirteen years caused much friction to Tone Dollarz. The REAL mixtape explains the personal struggle Tone Dollarz faced without having his father in his life.
Tone Dollarz who continues to build himself from the bottom as an underground rapper, seeks to continue his goal in breaking into mainstream hip hop. Tone Dollarz music is influenced by Big L, Big Pun, Biggie Smalls, 2-pac, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Camron, WUTANG, NWA, Cassidy, Meek Mill, Drake, J Cole, Rick Ross, and Kendrick Lamar. “Writing rhymes is the easy part, painting the mental picture for somebody you don’t know from a hole in the wall, to see exactly it is that you see, now that’s music” says Tone Dollarz.
“Music is a weapon of mass destruction, which can be used for good or evil, because it influences a lot of people. Growing up I felt like Jay-Z raised me, his music really spoke to me” says Tone Dollarz. While continuing to promote for the Real Mixtape, which has released in January, where you can find on or; Tone Dollarz is currently working on his second mixtape called Real Rap Diaries. This project will be more personal, and those will get to understand Jesus Ramos more so than Tone Dollarz.
Follow him on twitter @Tone_Dollarz and on instragram @tonedollarz.

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