JAYMAZIN has the ability to put together a hit on his own, but does he has what it takes to take on a Lyrical Heavy Weight like TONE DOLLARZ. JAYMAZIN has stepped up his bars alot over the time but JAYMAZIN’S real strong point is making R&B and club songs not songs with punch lines, gangster songs and diss songs.

There is a lot of people out there that don’t agree on JAYMAZIN going at TONE DOLLARZ and believe that TONE DOLLARZ should not respond to the 100k remake.

The fact of this matter is that hating on someone that is doing good for them selves and following there dreams and disrespect a song that for TONE DOLLARZ was a reminder that he is on the right path to success.TONE DOLLARZ is way to lyrically nice to waste to much time on this issue on hand. JAYMAZIN’s Atempt on the 100k diss song in a lot of peoples eyes is a failure because they can not see the reason behind it. The video that jaymazin put out calling TONE DOLLARZ trash and calling him to battle, only shows hate at this point.

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