JAYMAZIN & SHAWN DENIRO “HK BOYS” vol. 1 could of been “ALL I HAVE”

JAYMAZIN is working on the project “ALL I HAVE” that is years in the making & has evolved into so much more then how it started out. The Project is a mixture of hip-hop & r&b,lately JAYMAZIN has been showing that he has got his bars up in a freestyle video he posted on Facebook.

JAYMAZIN was creating music for his solo project at the time YEARS BACK & there is a really big chance that could of been the “ALL I HAVE” project l SHAWN DENIRO was invited to a session and insisted to work with Jaymazin began to work with him. JAYMAZIN made a choice to put that project to the side and use the material he had for what would of might of “ALL I HAVE” at that time.

Incomplete hit songs like “BEAUTIFUL DAY” were practically done and jaymazin added Shawn Deniro on it to complete a project, shawn forced his way on it in a sense.SHAWN DENIRO that “Beautiful Day” should only have him on it.SHANK BANK & PAYBACK all together joined in working towards the project that became HK BOYS VOL1.

HK BOYS VOL.1 was the only one out of all 4 volumes that was made in real song format with catchy hooks and hot verses the other 3 volumes were made with very little song formatting and more free-styles they had more of a mix-tape feel, with volume 1 took off because it was built like an album.

The success of HK BOYS vol.1 put the pressure on  JAYMAZIN & SHAWN to redeliver again, SHAWN takes control over the project with jaymazin unlike the 1st volume when all he had to do was lay some verses down to songs that was practically finished already. One of Hells kitchens biggest rap group 4 to be exact (JAYMAZIN, SHAWN, SHANK BANK & PAYBACK).The HK BOYS vol.1 could of been “ALL I HAVE” but then history would of not been made the legendary “HK BOYS” vol.1 which put together a pretty official rap group.The rap group HK BOYS also gave KOOL KAT FRED his start to make music videos & KOOL KAT FRED has been doing his thing ever since. The group also gave Junranko his come back since he only had one artist YA BOI BRON he was able to work with more great artist.


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