TONE DOLLARZ is on top of his game delivering straight FIRE. TONE DOLLARZ put out two Hot New tracks with two official videos to match in a 6 month spand. TONE DOLLARZ is going in with the BARS on both of these videos,”WITH YA BISH” & “BAPE (BATHING APE)” and hot ass bitches in both of the videos. The hard work is paying off  TONE DOLLARZ recent music video “BAPE (BATHING APE)” has nearly doubled what “WITH YA BISH” has done in 6 months,”BAPE(BATHING APE)” has done in one month, only showing the TONE DOLLARZ brand is growing.

3/13/15WITH YA BISH” [27,687]  8/13/15 “BAPE(BATHING APE)” [44,475]TONE DOLLARZZ

I was out working a job, slaving for nickels and dimes, wasting my time, niggas put me on the strip boy you just opened my eyes now its right back to the grind, open a bakery up for my moms, flippin em boys, credit cards never decline, money the only thing stuck on my mind, im one of a kind, u dont talk money get off of my line, i feel like lebron, call me the king, 100k spent on my ring, taking a trip to beijing, money and bling, im hot like 105 boy, they envy the god ask angela yee, i keep the gat right in my briefs, niggas wont do me like chinx, nigga brrat that got the rap cracc in the bac pac, got a bad batch in the hatch bac, nigga snap bac til i clap that n his head crac, nigga nigga this baghdad, uh, yu dont want static, want war with a savage, semi automatic, ladders, keep the car parked or the pump gon bark like travis”- TONE DOLLARZ

“Real shit bouta fuc a nxgga bitch,Cus I’m rich, suc a nigga dick suc a nigga dick,In the whip for a brick, made ha strip, Finna hit,Got em all cus a nigga ball like I’m on the Knicks, I’m the shit,n u ain gota lie to niggas… Nah,On my dick like u that tone dollarz nigga.. Bitch,Bitch U fucked a whole lot of niggas …Bitch,Doin tricks w the balls globe trotter nxggas…smutt,Back shots for the thots I jus love to pop,gettin top I don’t cuff I am not a cop,No time for u hoes I am not a clocc,N I don’t want yu nxggas bitxhes I jus give em cock… Thot,pussy wet Mike phelps,I could never judge ima Thot myself,I don’t trust bitxhes I don’t ever love bitchez,If u bxches love cheatin then my coc might help … Bxch” – TONE DOLLARZ

XANS T'S brokeandtrippy


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