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The Rap Game in its pure essence is an hustle & an competition within yourself. The young Bronx artist YA BOI BRON is on an HOT Streak lately,that you would think the “Heat Wave 3″ was coming out this winter for the holidays. The project will not be out until the summer of 2016, so we can only follow the journey. The journey to the “HEAT WAVE 3” began on the summer of 2015 when YA BOI BRON teamed up with E&E to make the Video to the FIRE track “ALL FOR MY NIGGAS“, the music video caught on FIRE which lead to BRON & E&E to repeat the magic with the remake of the grammy nominated diss song “BACK2BACK“.


The video “BACK2BACK” went viral and also started some controversy on the underground because it was aimed to diss former Partner in rhymes Tone Dollar$. YA BOI BRON soon wanted to get off of the subject,but was the diss song an act of jealousy of TONE DOLLARS recognition in the rap game? or an act of TONE DOLLARS getting big headed about the recognition & forgetting who he started with?.

YA BOI BRON was soon off that situation when he released the “DOPE” music video,from AZRAEL, after his short retirement, Azrael realized that YA BOI BRON don’t really need his help & was determined to make it with him or not.

The message was sent & finally after months of procrastination, the video was out. The “DOPE” story did not start at the video, the making of the song brought JAYMAZIN back from the hardships of life, & back to what he does best, music.

YA BOI BRON is closing the year on the music video “REMEMBER ME” DIR. AZRAEL. The video is about the truth about life that death is also promised,but not everyone will be remembered until the end of time,only those who build a legacy.The music video shows everyone enjoying Bron’s music video, after he has passed away. The work of an artist lives forever to celebrate the life of the artist even when the artist is no longer with us.


The Music videos from late Summer 2015 to the winter of 2015.

ALL FOR MY NIGGAS” YA BOI BRON released on August,8.2015 & December 18.2015 got 5,068 views

BACK2BACK” YA BOI BRON released on September,21.2015 & on december 18, 2015 the video has 24,401 views.

DOPE” YA BOI BRON F.t JAYMAZIN Released on October, 1.2015 & on December 18,2015 the video has 6,666 views.

REMEMBER ME” YA BOI BRON Released on Dec.3,2015 & on December 18, 2015 the video has 5,358 views.






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