UNDERWORLD Music News Update Jan.18,16


The FIRE is on the RISE.

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The time is NOW & the importance in staying Focused is vital.

4th QUARTER 2015     “HOLIDAY QUARTER”      Re-Cap

The last month of December was no joke, when it comes to FIRE Project releases. The first day of December TRAY PIZZY released his heavily anticipated project “50 FIRST DATES” which was well put together & accepted by the Underground scene as FIRE. The FIRE don’t stop there because on CHRISTMAS Day DUSTY RENOYLDS releases the DOPEST gift, the also heavily anticipated project “THE LIFE & HIGH TIMES OF…”. The NEW year is here & the FIRE never stops when you are in the state of abundance.

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NEW FIRE Projects

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The HEAT WAVE 3 is on its way, so that is whole another project with FIRE almost guaranteed on it, The young Bronx artist YA BOI BRON has proved 8 times, that he could package FIRE. The 8 times are referring to his 8 mixtape projects, which Bron delivered some DOPE punchlines, that had ya thinking, you can’t believe he said that.  


ALL FOR MY NIGGAS” YA BOI BRON      Video Dir. E&E Productions

BACK2BACK” YA BOI BRON        Video Dir. E&E Productions


2pac did four songs a day & that is written, recorded, & ready to go. The times have a change, fans don’t just want to hear your song, when they have an device that so much more, they want to see what you see.

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The Story behind “RECYCLING DAY



As far as lyrics are concerned, “Recycling Day” is as real as it gets when it comes to the women in my life.Constantly lying about being pregnant, or trying to make me believe that they cannot get pregnant so that I will try to seed it up.- ZIN-ZETA

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I wanted to give this track a twist, though. I didn’t want women to feel TOO offended. Therefore; the video will contain a woman who’s actually pregnant, and I’m going to be the one who’s the fool in the end.- ZIN-ZETA



ZETAPHORE Productions is what Quality & creativity should be about, the main artist ZIN-ZETA has not only been killing the tracks with FIRE, but has also been killing th podcasts with style.


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The game has changed big time, in the way Music is now hustled. The way we consume & enjoy music is very different from the way we use to. The internet has changed the game & those who do not change with the game, will be left in the past.The age of selling a product no one uses is over & almost completely dead. Apple is the cd killer even has taken off the dvd drives from there latest models of laptops. The old model let you get money from your music right away most times, because there was more value & exclusivity to the songs.Music will never die, but sometimes it needs a new way to be approached.The platform changes then the way music is moved changes. The hustle now is to bring back the value in the songs with adding substance to the songs themselves. The songs are the most important piece because they are what makes an album. The mistake most artist end up doing is just putting together a collection of songs that don’t fit with each other. The Real Charlie Cruz talked to Hk music world about how important conceptual albums/projects really are.

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“Conceptual albums make it further then just bragging on an album” Charlie Cruz.



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JOSAY AK is a young artist from the Bronx, that not only writes his music but mixes & masters his own music. The Bronx Lyricist is focused & on his way to make more FIRE music on his own & with his group GOD’s CHOSEN ELITE. JOSAY AK has teamed up with FAMESCHOOL TELLI with brand New FIRE tracks “LIARS” & “SO EASY“. The 1st Quarter is looking like the FIRE does not slow down in the Underworld Music, JOSAY AK & FAMESCHOOL TELLI are great solo artist but also work really good together. The two young artist are both in for a great future with music if they continue to deliver FIRE with there Truth.

G.C.E share a belief that they are the Gods of this world and it is bestowed upon them to bring in the New Age of progression and equality for all people. – JOSAY AK

“Life has never been better & making music has never been more fun. I have to keep reminding myself, You know how forgetful our species can be lol.”– JOSAY AK

“Another blessed day, I’m blessed to wake up to.
Thankful for the love, may today be another productive day.
God Chose US.”– JOSAY AK

“I’m being blessed something crazy lately. I don’t even know how to thank the Most High. I’m blessed and thankful for every single act of support & love. In the words of a scammer everything hitting. I still have a long road ahead, but now I have absolutely removed all doubts from my mind. I KNOW I’m on the right path.Thank You.”– JOSAY AK




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The young artist from Hell’s Kitchen who was once in a group of mostly lyricist, is now on his solo Grind killing tracks on his own. DAS MUHAMMAD is an artist who been acting since he was a baby, & rapping since he was a young teen.The inspiration behind becoming an music artist, was from DAS MUHAMMAD’s friend in school named DOZY who would write rhymes, & one day showed a rhyme to DAS MUHAMMAD that really intrigued him to pursue writing rhymes & from that day on DAS MUHAMMAD was fascinated on being able to make rhymes. DAS MUHAMMAD has not only mastered his lyrics but also has mastered the FLOW. The FLOW of choice for DAS MUHAMMAD is the fast flow, leaving the listener needing to pay close attention.


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OUTLAW Films are making BIG MOVES.


The Artist behind the camera has been part of some of the Underworlds DOPEST songs/videos. DUSTY RENOYLDS first single “XAN DAM” off of his 3rd solo project “THE LIFE & HIGH TIMES OF DUSTY RENOYLDS” was inspired by Stephen Outlaw, watching his friend go through withdrawls. DUSTY & OUTLAW found a way to deliver the artist in the video to depict someone losing there mind, going through with-drawls. The young artist OUTLAW also was the one to add the visuals to one of DOPE 6‘s most FIRE video “HOLLYHO80D“. 



EXCLUSIVE Interview:

DUSTY RENOYLDS talks to HK MUSIC WORLD about what inspired “XAN-DAM” + “FUCK BILLS“.

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