UNDERWORLD MUSIC News Update 1/23/16


Welcome to the Underworld of Underground Music, we are known for bringing you the FIRE, nothing less then the FIRE. The NewYork artist have not given up,& New York music has not died, even though they are not looking for NY artist.The artist that slip through, have to go else where or adapt to a southern style. The need to DUMB down music, leaves it hard for New York artist to take advantage of there lyrical skills. There is no pass for the lyrical abilities,. The Mecca of all cities, the most important place in the world NEW YORK CITY. The tables are about to turn,only if we work together in a creative state, because there is enough for everyone who is willing to give it all.

The Movement is real & New York artist no longer just going to stand around, & New York artist are no longer going to compete with each other, when if we work together we will get . 

The importance of having a variety of music & not music that all sounds the same because it kills the value in the music & its everyone is just chasing whats hot right now. 


New FIRE Substance:  

Fire flames isolated on white background



The young artist FAZE 2 is far from a regular rapper, the rapper is one of substance. The young artist paints the poison in the foods from the big corporations, slowly killing us. The healthy food seems so out of our reach or sometimes even are price range. The stores that fill every block only contain the toxic foods, we are programmed to eat.


Verse 1 “FOOD”  QUOTE

“Food for thought up in the rhyme again, I woke up in the morning said I’m never eating swine again/ & I could tell a story like, i aint wake up to a bacon egg & cheese from valley brook, I’m lying then/ but nutrition is my only mission” –  FAZE 2

Fire flames isolated on white background




“I’ll be gone for a minute, I’ll begone for a minute, I’ll be back with the cake yeaaaaa”- WXRDMAN

Fire flames isolated on white background


The young Bronx artist JOSAY AK is on his hustle with this music game, & believe the power in making music has helped him evolve as a Bronx God.


Fire flames isolated on white background

we the west



Fire flames isolated on white background


The FLOW is closest to a serial killer on the loose, killing any instrumental ZIN-ZETA chooses. The young bronx artist is a lyrical assassin, strategically killing every track.




Fire flames isolated on white background

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