The young Hell’s Kitchen artist is on his Grind, making Big Moves behind the scenes. DAS MUHAMMAD has just recently released his 1st solo project “AMATEUR” on Jan.29,2016  is preparing to bring the Big Moves.


The Joke is Over :

dasmuhammad new2

DAS MUHAMMAD is done with all the laughing, the jokes is over,

RICKY SMITH gave his first ever Trap sounding beat “Str8 to the Bank” years ago to DAS MUHAMMAD which DAS got FRED DA GODSON on the beat years later. The progress in the track made by DAS MUHAMMAD, has got RICKY SMITH wanting some of the action. The artist RICKY SMITH believes he is worth way more now adays after a f.t on a track “MAKE YOU FEEL” with HOODIE ALLEN. The fight has been taken to court, where RICKY SMITH wants 25% of a track RICKY never wanted in the first place. DAS MUHAMMAD finds out such News, while hitting RICKY SMITH up to celebrate about the Success of getting FRED THE GOD SON on the track & creating a hit out a throw away instrumental.

DAS MUHAMMAD has not taken all this lightly, & is out to SHIT on RICKY SMITH’s Life. The young Hells kitchen artist DAS MUHAMMAD believes that there should be a little more loyalty & gratitude, instead of greed & boastfulness.

TRAP” DAS MUHAMMAD Fire flames isolated on white background

Fire flames isolated on white background

TSC Days

The T.S.C Group Breaks-Up:

RICKY SMITH is being an Indian Giver?

“RICKY SMITH has lacked much humility over the years and needs to get a hold of it before people see his true colors too early” – DAS MUHAMMAD


Fire flames isolated on white background

The two in a group of 5 are in a BIG Fight for a FIRE Trap song “STR8 TO THE BANK“.

das muhammad ricky

The Break of the TSC Group was a little devastating, there are not to many groups out there especially of 5 members,that all poccess alot of talent, & all brong something to the table. The TSC group is still all active on solo careers.

RICKY SMITH’S Newest track

Fire flames isolated on white background

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