FRESH switches up the style again “NOTICED ME”

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The young beautiful bronx artist is on straight FIRE,killing 2016 Early, releasing  3 FIREFire flames isolated on white background DOPE tracks this last month. The lyrical rapper FRESH, which BARS are up there with the best of them, has switched up the style big time. FRESH  is now singing with her beautiful voice, the latest FIRE track “NOTICED ME” released earlier today 2/28/16. The song “NOTICED ME” about FRESH giving up on her love that she gave to many chances,time after time thinking time heals it all. FRESH has finally moved on & now it feels like her past is back to haunt her.


1st Verse incerpt

.xanaxx“said Im outside & its pouring, you just keep calling, don’t wanna talk, don’t wanna hear you did me wrong, stop calling, stop asking me where i want to be, because you made me go in all honesty”– FRESH




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