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DAS MUHAMMAD Has Risen Fire flames isolated on white background

Hell’s Kitchen is the place known for blood shed & chopped up bodies back in the westie days. The place is now the home to Underworld FIRE Music, the place of artists making moves on there own.In the real world there is no hand outs, those who give only get. The talent that grows out of Hells kitchen is like no other place in the world, JAYMAZIN has always brought artists together with his Hooks, JAYMAZIN was even named “KING OF HOOKS” in HKMUSIC NEWS years Back. DAS MUHAMMAD has been risen like a phoenix through the concrete floors of Hells kitchen becoming the star Hells kitchen needs in the 1st quarter of 2016.

The mid 1st quarter is still at a high from 2015’s 4th quarter, DAS MUHAMMAD’s career could have went eather way, it is a big step going from being in a group then to going solo & you being the whole show.The young artist is doing bigger things now solo, then when he was in a group. The young HK artist had first released the first FIRE single “TRAP” was released on Youtube with a FIRE. The high anticipation to DAS MUHAMMAD’s first solo project “AMATEUR” forced HK Music to Leaked “RIDER” the 2nd single, but also part 2 the the first FIRE single “TRAP“.

The highly anticipated  project “AMATEUR” is released + The “COIN HEIST” movie coming to netflix. DAS MUHAMMAD has a few movies in the making & that information will be given soon.The New Generation of greatness is brewing in the Hk Music World & everything for the most part is at a High.

DAS MUHAMMAD Lets us in the exclusive News:

“Also make sure you see my next two movies “Bushwick” starring David Bautista and “Coin Heist” starring Neal Huff, Alex Saxton & Muhammad “Das” Thompson Cunningham coming to Netflix and a theatre near you”.– DAS MUHAMMAD

Download the FIREFire flames isolated on white background





Fire flames isolated on white background


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