JOKER DA BULLY Is Going with “Still Laughing” +”The Last laugh” Causes FIRE Frenzy

The Underworld Of Underground Music:FIREE

JOKER DA BULLY is planning to release his 2nd project “Still Laughing” after the first project “The Last Laugh” sets the Underground in a FIRE Frenzy.The young Bronx artist gives the insight to the reason behind the JOKER DA BULLY name & what inspired the Bronx artist to get into making music.

“Im part of a rap group timeless music group the ceo of that is my cuzin RE$T being around my label mates jus inspired me to start writin and makin music i got about 2 years making music and my progression as a artist shows from my 1st track to my last
My name had been j0k3r for as long as i can remember the bully part got added do to my gang affiliation”- JOKE DA BULLY
Joker da bully

The 2nd Quarter of 2016 is on its way shortly & JOKER DA BULLY is ready to start setting up for his 2nd project “Still Laughing“, The 1st project “Last Laugh” was certified FIRE, The Bronx artist has only been rapping since 2014 & already is Dropping Straight FIRE .


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