The New King In Hell’s Kitchen Reigns + “SOMEBODY TOLD ME” Music Video Leads to High FIRES in HELLS KITCHEN


The countdown to the 2nd quarter is on but that doesn’t mean the FIRE slows down.The Manhattan Sector is about to HEAT up with DAS MUHAMMAD taking control of the Quiet Moment. The M Sector has been Low Activity of Sounds, while the X Sector has been on the High.In Hells Kitchen many don’t last before giving up or going delusional,The Music Game is Not for the week hearted, the demons live in the Kitchen, & only want to be fed More FIRE. DAS MUHAMMAD is the Hope for Revival in the M Sector, leaving other artist with motivation of getting on there Grind.The young HK artist has decided to go with “Somebody Told Me” instead of “RIDER“, to follow his first FIRE single “TRAP” off of DAS MUHAMMAD’s 1st solo Project “AMATEUR” demolishing the 2nd quarter with the FIRE New Music Video “Somebody Told Me“.The Music video was released on Worldstar Hiphop & it is not just a bunch of clips put together, there is a well put together concept. The sad reality of a lot of relationships, the unfaithfulness & disloyalties & because energy is so strong especially for those who are an open vessel to Universal Intelligence. The best way to not get caught cheating or suffer from karma of cheating, is not cheating at all & being fully faithful. The sixth sense is real, & people can feel when something is not right, & it could even be shown in your dreams. 

Somebody Told Me” cropped-firee.jpg



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