FAZE 2 is putting out FIRE 1st Quarter + Leading with consistent FIRE to the 2nd Quarter

FAZE 2 is on the RISE 


ReebokClassic-logoFOOD” The song was created by FAZE2 Featuring Big Mont video directed by Outlaw Filmx & the song attacks a real vital subject that needs to be talked about because they are going to the extreme to make more money on the food by using cheaper & dangerous ingredients just to save some pennies off the dollar.
We are honored to give this Underworld title to the FIRE song “FOOD
FOODreebok classic
The 1st Quarter is closer then close to be over & FAZE 2 has been really feeding the Underworld the FIRE on a next level with different Flows & topics to pick from.


What FAZE2 brings to the GAME?

The young Bronx Artist FAZE2 is far from an ordinary artist, just following trends, the young Lyricist not only build his own trends but keeps a balance of Substance & that Slum Sound Dope FIRE Music. FAZE2 is in a state of the Underworld Prominence with the 1st Quarter of 2016 at a Hell FIRE High. The year of 2016 is looking like the FIRE may never Drought & Rise Forever. The Bronx Sector is not with the slow up & is always one to pick up HEAT with so many talented artist.
The 1st Quarter of 2016 is almost in the history books,& the 2nd quarter is ready to start off & it looks like the 2nd Quarter is going to be one hell of a Quarter for the FIRE Records. FAZE2 has alot of FIRE in his Arsenol right now “BEACH HOUSE” which was released 2 weeks ago”SLUM CARLTON” +”BOLLYWOOD” which was released Mid 1st Quarter.The recent release of “BEACH HOUSE” Has proven one more time that the Flows & Lyricics are on point distributing FIRE in a grand way.






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