The Underground of Music:


The KING of the Cassette tapes Vain Lane,showed BAMBOO MC a demo tape Bamboo did in 1999.The Artist that created “WOODGRAIN” wishes that he can rewind time & steal the Flow he once had,but that would be impossible, for Now,so he did the next best thing & stole the Tape.YES Bamboo Mc has stolen his own Throwback Mix-tape. This is what BAMBOO MC posted on FACEBOOK, word for word (Right Below)
“Shoutout to my brother Vain Lane. This nigga had a demo tape full of songs I recorded twenty years ago. He played the tape for me (yes, a cassette) and I barely could recognize the young version of me. I said to myself “where the fuck did this kid go?! I actually said THAT!?!?You better bring him back, Boobie!!”. I was honestly upset that I wasn’t this person anymore. It was like metaphors met similes and they fucked each other’s brains out. I was blunt. I was graphic. I was fearless. Even he told me he ain’t fucking with my new shit, he’d rather listen to my old shit. “I need this tape, fam”
“Well, you can’t have this one. I got another one of a lower quality in the back, hold on a sec”
I said cool. I waited for him to walk inside his bedroom and then I swiftly snatched the better copy. I bolted out of his apartment. Running. Passed the elevators, incinerator and straight to the staircase. Hauling ass because there was a 50/50 chance that this nigga still might be chasing me! Lmao
What I thought would be a fun and friendly visit to fam became a ‘Miles Davis’ heist for my old material!
Don’t worry, brother. I’m gonna give you ALL the songs back… (in MP3s, that is) lmao. Thank you. I needed this tape more than you know. Scratch that. You are probably only one of the few that know I needed that tape.
Blessings in disguise. One Love”

Listen to Exclusive interview with BAMBOO MC on Hk Music News




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