Underworld Music NEWS: {Manhattan Division}DUSTY RENOYLDS & DAS MUHAMMAD are Kings in there Sector.

The #1 source of the RAWEST Underground Music

WELCOME to the 2nd Quarter of 2016 in the Manhattan Division

2016 has never felt better the 2nd Quarter is finally here & the FIRE is picking up DUSTY RENOYLDS & DAS MUHAMMAD are the reason for that pick up in the M Sector. The Manhattan Division is on its way to become the set standard for Quality Music made & released in Manhattan. The talented artist are there,just need to be re motivated or even found in general.  


DUSTY RENOYLDS has been keeping the M Sector in high Activity,The quiet moments referred to in the DAS MUHAMMDAD’s New KIng Article was more about those in the Hk Sub Sector & not the Lower Sub Sector.DUSTY RENOYLDS FIRE Flows & Bars have been Over killing Quarter after Quarter, giving him a big lead.


DAS MUHAMMAD is on the way to become the leader of the Hk Sector,in setting a blueprint of how using your talent to the max of your abilities is done. The weight on the shoulders of an artist from a place, where some have gotten so close to be the chosen one that cracks the code into success. DAS MUHAMMAD is the Next Big Hope for the Kitchen’s Come Back,DUSTY RENOYLDS leads in the LES Sector giving DAS MUHAMMAD & DUSTY RENOYLDS have taken the hot seat for the Biggest FIRE artist movers in the M Sector.



Music Hustle F.t PAPERKIDD  “DO C.D’s WORK?” We all know its nearly impossible to find somewhere to put a C.D in, even cars are getting rid of them also, after the macs began to not have C.D’s to be able to make a skinnier & lighter model.



JAYMAZIN has recently released a new Hook in the late 1st Quarter of 2016.The song to the FIRE Hook has not been released yet, it was planned for the same week of Hook release. JAYMAZIN has not been as consistent as he was 2 years ago,releasing tracks & videos back to back.
JAYMAZIN is working on his biggest comeback in underground Music,with that long awaited first solo Project “ALL I HAVE“. The JAYMAZIN we all know,once was not only Killing his own songs/videos & others who featured him. The young Hk Artist who have been. 


The Life & High Times Of..” DUSTY RENOYLDS




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