PIFFBOY puts out a FIRE project “TRYNA MAKE IT” + Send Videos of Smoking L to “TMI” COULD WIN PRIZE

The Underworld Of Underground Music:

PIFFBOY Fire flames isolated on white background


PIFFBOY killed the year of 2015, & in the 4th Quarter released the 1st single “WE DONT HEAR THAT” with an extraordinary visual into the Money Land Movement Experience, off of the Highly Anticipated Project “TRYNA MAKE IT“, which has been released today 4/12/16. The 2nd quarter of 2016 has risen in FIRE with a Project release from the Bronx Division’s own PIFFBOY. The last Project releases were In the Underworld were 4th Quarter 2015,PIFFBOY also killed the 4th Quarter with the Money Land Movement on the “STRAIGHT OUTTA WESTSIDE“. The 1st Quarter was very vital for Piffboy’s Release in the 2nd Quarter of 2016, PIFFBOY teamed up with one of his partners IC BALLA for a real FIRE anthem track “TRAP VIDA” which was a mixture of spanish & english Bars.The 1st Quarter was one of Killing booths & also the FIRE track, everyone is Remixing now “PANDA” which PIFFBOY & one of his partners in rhymes  YA BOI BRON slaughter the track.
 MONEY LAND MOVEMENT, WE THE WEST  Fire flames isolated on white background

WE DONT HEAR THAT” PIFFBOY  Fire flames isolated on white background

PIFFBOY’s Newest Highly Anticipated Project is out Now “TRYNA MAKE IT” 


PANDA” PIFFBOY & YA BOI BRON Fire flames isolated on white background

PIFFBOY sends his Love to those who are Fans & encourage them to send videos.

“I wanna thank everyone for the support
Feels good to see something I worked hard for get recognized
Keep that love coming!!!
Send in those vids
You don’t gotta dance, lip sing, none of that
Bump that shit while you smoking your L, While you sitting at the 🚦
Comment ‪#‎WTW‬ ‪#‎MLM‬
Whoever send the best vid might win a small prize lol”


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