PIFFBOY’s NEW Project “TMI” is for those about there Money + “WE DON’T HEAR THAT” Music Video is only one of many, Which One is Next?

Underworld Of Underground Music:


PIFFBOY releases the FIRE Project “TRYNA MAKE IT Classic in the 2nd Quarter of 2016, with eight conceptual FIRE tracks. The Bronx is the birth place of Hip-Hop & it has always been a place of many talented artists, so the Bar is risen many times. The young Bronx artist is on his Game & has eight FIRE songs that are high potential Music Video singles. The Money Motivational Music gives you a feeling that the whole project roll out in visuals like 50 cent’s “ANIMAL AMBITION“. The 2nd Quarter of 2016 is here & the FIRE has not let up at all,especially with the release of PIFFBOY’s first solo Project “T.M.I“.  


piffboy tmi

Fire flames isolated on white background
Fire flames isolated on white background 

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