FRESH Got NEW FIRE coming soon+ FRESH & OUTLAW Filmx working on a FIRE visual?


Welcome to the Underworld Of Underground Music:



The Bronx is on FIRE & more FIRE will be released in the Underworld before the 3rd Quarter is in the history books. The 2nd half of the 2nd Quarter for 2016 has to be seen but the 1st half of the 2nd Quarter FRESH puts out the FIRE visual & FIRE song “CAN WE“,Closing the 1st Quarter with Nas’s Classic “GAVE YOU POWER” by the young Beautiful Bronx artist FRESH, which she named it “WHO GOT THE POWER“.
FRESH is lyrically a Beast & is not to be fucked with when it comes to the BARS but also has a voice of an angel. The young Bronx artist is the great example of an artist mastering there craft with constant focus on there work. 
The young Bronx artist is not done killing ya with visuals, the word in the Underworld is that FRESH will be teaming up with Outlaw Filmx to put out a Beautiful Dope Masterpiece. The FIRE visual & song “WHO GOT THE POWER” hit youtube, soundcloud & even more In the Hk Music World as a certified Sick Dope FIRE track, that was here to stay.The beautiful Bronx artist FRESH has been making alot of big moves, latelty & they are beginning to open doors for the highly talented artist.  

Fire flames isolated on white background


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