JOSAY AK Feels The Bern and is Exposing Hillary + OUTLAW words are sampled for “MY NIGGAS”

Underworld Of Underground Music:


Welcome to 2016,Mid 2nd Quarter, History is in the making and JOSAY AK is not a stranger to making FIRE but this time around its FIRE with a lot of substance. The track is about the wolf in sheep clothing Hillary Clitton which is known for lying about everything. JOSAY AK put out a Trap sounding song which has a real message about something that effects us all.Those of ya, that don’t like anything with substance or anything serious for to long, there is a bit comedy in the song.

JOSAY AK has never been afraid of making diverse music from Ganster, getting money to the R&B feel songs for the ladies.The young Bronx artist has taken his music skill to another level higher with entering the Political realm.



JOSAY AK was thinking outside the box when he thought to put Outlaw Filmx Own Stephen on the intro of “MY NIGGA” talking some real shit.The Artist Stephen Outlaw which now paint pictures through music videos,use to paint through rhymes,but this was even different then that also.



Fire flames isolated on white background  


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