Welcome to the Underworld Of Underground Music

The 3rd Quarter is on its way but some of the biggest News is taking place in the Manhattan sector with DUSTY RENOYLDS changing his direction in life & music and focusing on a more positive healthy life style.The task at hand is not an easy one but it is one that must be done.The Summer is about to Heat up Like never before with the New choice of Life-style that DUSTY RENOYLD’s is deciding to take & lead his people to

The Hell FIRES are real & eventually they will consume you until there is no way back. DUSTY RENOYLDS is not going to wait untill there is no way back & is determined to get out now of the Drug life Style.


DUSTY RENOYLDS talks about his favorite Alcohol Drinks & favorite Drugs, that he does on a regular.The young L.E.S artist is now on a different daily routine,this was filmed a couple months back. DUSTY RENOYLDS has been working really hard on not only making music but also music videos & performing at events.The last Quarter of 2015 on Christmas DUSTY released his 3rd solo project “THE LIFE & HIGH TIMES OF DUSTY RENOYLDS” & the Project has delivered many real FIRE singles “XAN-DAM”+”CHANGES”+”SKUM GOD” & MORE.

The latest single

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