ZIN-ZETA is working on New Project “SPREADING DA Z’S

The 3rd Quarter is on the way sooner then soon & ZIN-ZETA has been in the studio religiously working on his third solo project “Spreading Da Zs“. The first two Words From The Wunderwaffle” & “The Mystery Box were lyrically murderous.

Zetaphore Productions:

The Music vision is well planned out and to the T, combined with executed with efficient action. ZIN-ZETA & YOUNG CUTTA mix both of there FIRE songs together, ZIN-ZETA begins with his FIRE single “RECYCLING DAY” + with YOUNG CUTTA’s FIRE remake of Master P ““Bout it Bout it”” into “LED ZEPPELIN“.

Lets talk PANDA

A great song with a awesome Beat,the words are hard to understand on DESIGNER’s version but lucky for the Underworld of Underground Music, ZIN-ZETA has remade the whole track with his own descriptive lyrical story telling rhymes.The way ZIN-ZETA uses his Flow & his lyrical sickness to paint something for your ears to experience, that adds the visual concept to your mind.

Zin-Zeta is a true lyricist that has never sold out, when it comes to putting lyrical sickness or lyrical substance + adding the story concepts that builds the visual dynamic to the experience of the song. The Lyrics are built with the much effort to be able to make your mind think in a way that it flows so perfect to the song & at the same time bring you the movie film, mostly action flicks.


ZIN-ZETA is a young Bronx artist with consistent content of high value, leaving the Underworld in shock, all the time with new next level of rhymes. The young Bronx artist has always been one to thrive for Perfection with his chosen art form.  



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