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The News are brought to you by one of the 2 New flavors from EFFEN Vodka Blood Orange & Green Apple   

Underworld Of Underground Music:

The Underground Music scene, is one of those places that go overlooked but the truth is all of your big time favorite spend alot of years in the underground realm. The Artist of the Underground are all at different levels in the work they put in.There is nothing to lose, & everything to gain, when moving through the darkness,because the artist who keeps pushing through will soon break through to the light.The Music is a way to reach every part of the soul & take you back to a time that has became a moment with the help of music. 


BRAND NEW FIREFire flames isolated on white background


Das Muhammad is back with a brand New follow up FIRE track to “TRAP” called “RIDER“.



Manhattan is changing the GameFire flames isolated on white background

Artist Tip:

Being Innovative is one of the keys to be relevant.

The world as we know it in the Underworld music scene is always the unexpected & today we bring you the unexpected, Dusty Renoylds will be the first artist to have a project exclusively on Underworld Music Radio for a full week before being released on other platforms.

DUSTY RENOYLDS is working on releasing an exclusive project called “X-FILES“, which contains two sides Side A & Side B bringing it back to the Mix-tape era on the actual cassette tapes.

JAYMAZIN releasing new project in September?


Find out on the next one



The BRONX is getting Busy with FIRE music.Fire flames isolated on white background


The young Bronx artist has been making real Power Moves & is beginning to break through into the Lime Light. The XXL vote for the 10th spot was ridged & made to look like the fans were going to choose but when asked about it on The Breakfast Club who was the closest runner up to take the 10th spot. XXL said there was none that they picked the 10th spot.

The Movement that Never STOPSFire flames isolated on white background

TRAY PIZZY has proven that the creativity, hard work & innovation really pays off. The BROKE&TRIPPY movement is living proof that the strong energy has taken a life of its own in the streets of the Bronx. JAPAN180 is his brothers keeper literally & JAPAN is really all in for the push of the new site TRAYPIZZY.com recently released & the extra push for the FIRE project “50 FIRST DATES” released in the 4th quarter of 2015.



What’s the next Level?

YA BOI BRON is taking it to the next level with his latest project “HEAT WAVE 3“, The first two singles “LORD DEMON” + “PAIN” & the 3rd single “2016 Flow” video was just shot in the Bronx. The “2016 FLOW” was recently filmed in the Bronx & will be out soon on the way Juranko has been working.

PIFFBOY is focused & silently working on his next project but really on a mission to keep pushing “TMI“, which happens to be a real upbeat , money motivation sound. The Underworld is in the need of some urgency for money but also value.



JUNE BANGA is on his Way


JUNE BANGA is getting ready to start to roll out his new project “Money Land Movement”, The work has been put it, not only JUNE BANGA but the whole WTW,MLM are in the studio endlessly. The saying that is always a fact is that you only can get out what you put in.





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