Quarter Review: 3rd Quarter In Hell 2016

The 3rd Quarter of 2016 is one for the record books and we are going to make sure we let you know, what went down in the shadows of The Underworld Of Underground Music. The young Bronx Artist Piffboy released his getting money and bitches motivation “Tryna Make It“.

Ya Boi Bron was set up to release his highly anticipated project “The Heat Wave 3” in August, with “Lord Demon” being the lead single released 2nd Quarter with the Fire “Pain” in the same month of June.

Zetaphore Productions:

Zin-Zeta releases the highly Anticipated Fire project “Spreading Da Z’s” in August, bring the Fire Activity at a extra High for the 3rd Quarter of 2016. The Bronx is the birth place of Hip-hop, so its only right that there is so many talented moving artist. 


The Unexpected release of X-Files is a mystery of why it was released at the 3rd Quarter of 2016. The project is basically 4 Quarters away from the young L.E.S artists 3rd solo project “The Life & High Times of..”  & the word from the great vine is that the X-Files Project has Side B, coming out soon.

Dusty Renoylds has also just released a Fire solo project in the 4th Quarter, which leaves him with back 2 back projects for the 3rd & 4th quarter.


The first FIRE single off of Dusty Renoylds 4th solo project “X-FILES“, Dusty is bringing back that “XAN DAM” feel in the first single.


Time Is The Enemy

The young L.E.S gets spiritual & personal with what life is really worth & how time is really the enemy.



The latest project from Zin-Zeta is filled with a few songs that have help roll this Fire project along. The song & visual for “Thottie“, lead as the 1st, which was the first club type song that Zin-Zeta had ever done. Zin-Zeta decided to Remix and add the Biggest song of the year “PANDA“, which he religiously slaughtered the track.

Spreading Da Z’s

ZETAPHORE Productions:


The Bronx artist is really on the spread with the Z’s & there are no signs of a slowdown. The summer only seems to get hotter & hotter by the second with his lyrical arsenal. The FIRE single “CRASH THE PARTY” is perfect for Zin-Zeta to be the track to end the roll out.


The Bronx Sector has been on a big Fire climb with artists like Dollface Fresh, Faze2, Intikana, Josay Ak & lets not forget about the We The West Money Land Movement with Ya Boi Bron, June Banga, Piffboy & Ic Balla.

The Bronx is not slowing down one bit with the Fire uprise of music, we should be grateful to find music of High quality.



 The Bronx is where it all started & it will always live

The talent is everywhere in the Bronx & only spreading out to the rest of the world just like Zin-Zeta is the Z’s, everyone is sending that motivation.

DOLLFACE FRESH has made history in this FIRE world we live in, letting in the Hot music only.The young beautiful artist releases her Classic FIRE track “IT AINT HARD TO TELL” which does not follow the regular way of putting a song together & did a mixture of singing & rapping every few bars.


NEW Music:

The Slum God is back for revenge against the big soda corporations,and the big food corporation which for better profits choose cheaper ingredients, which in return are way more harmful to us. FAZE2 is planning a new show based around the food after being put on the concept to make music about from Big Monte on the FIRE song “FOOD“.





Nothing Is Impossible with EFFEN

Das Muhammad is on the Highway to FIRE prosperity, at Light Speed with no chance of slowing down.The Hell’s kitchen Artist has inspired to do music young but the acting was even younger than that, (Makes you wonder if Das Muhammad was born an actor).

The Music & acting are two forms of art that Das Muahammad is a student but also Masters both forms.

The Newest Video “Whatchu Know” was filmed in China town Manhattan & is in the editing process & will be released soon. The grind for Das Muhammad’s first solo project has not been over night from “TRAP“, which took place inside of a house

DAS MUHAMMAD has always been an artist with a fast flow even back in his Tsc days. The Tsc group when together shared the Fast flow skill, with exception of Ricky Smith who sang.

The Manhattan based artist has grew up in a place where opportunity was everywhere just hidden.The place of Hell’s Kitchen was one filled with Irish Mobsters over 30 years ago,but now its the home to the Theater District,Record and Movie companies.The present day the music is the biggest thing we have but still have a long way to go.

The Underworld Of Underground Music is far much more then just promoting up and coming artist.The Major goal is to make sure the ones bringing value don’t go unnoticed.

3rd Quarter Projects :
ZIN-ZETA is Back with a straight FIRE project “Spreading Da Z’s” with the complete lyrical murder on the “WWF Panda” Remix & the 1st two singles “Thottie” & “Ratchet 2 Death
PIFFBOY’s New Project is that real money motivation
JUNE BANGA has just released Welcome To Money Land Movement 2
YA BOI BRON was releasing his new solo project in August of 2016, which also is Bron’s 2nd trilogy but the project was pushed back.

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