Stonedcold Santos is Back on FIRE again + Mugsy video Out Now

Underworld Music Radio is out Now & on 24/7 

Stonedcold Santos is focusing making only the high quality of music & it has been costly all the studio time, music video fees & motivational drugs to get the best music out is not a easy job. Stoned Cold Santos has recently reached out with a go fund me page to buy equipment for his studio to cut down on the cost for one of the most important part, building the product.

GO FUND Santos


The young L.E.S artist is on Fire with everything he creates or is featured on & its starting to benefit Santos with more Fire music for the fans. The young artist is also part of a group called I.N.S, which stands for International Scumbags & they have been killing the game with projects, as if they were singles.Dusty Renoylds features on Santos Fire “Mugsy” track, which will be on Santos solo project, coming no time soon santos says.

MUGSY F.t Dusty Renoylds


The young Les artist is not a stranger to not only holding his own on a track but killing the track with flows & lyrics.The recent solo FIRE track “Shit Aint Sweet” is a true testament that Santos first solo project has high chance of being Fire Project. The track before this Hit was named after Santos favorite beer “Emperor Ballantine” &  its as hot as the first one.

Shit Aint Sweet

Emperor Ballantine


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