L.E.S’s INS is on the RISE because of Talent + Hard work + “X-Files” gets Focus

Underworld Music Radio is Now 24/7

The Underworld of Underground Music

Project: X-Files


X-Files begins with excerpts from the movie “Taxi Driver” with Alpacino, then the track right after was “VEGA (Revolver Love)” which was the 1st single off of this project late 2016. “Time is the Enemy” reminds you that the most valuable thing in life is your time, who use it doing something productive.”Lounging in paradise” is a laid-back, hypnotic vibe with a story telling of a demon smoking dust. 

2 Be continue


Time is the enemy, hope ya remember me“-Dusty Renoylds

Bringing Value to those who Need It.

The Manhattan sector is filled with sub sectors like harlem, Hells kitchen and l.e.s that are bringing active fire recently. L.E.S is getting the spotlight at this moment because the Fire is undeniable & the reason is because the music is unstopable & the group INS has become a movement into the Fast Life of getting money and doing drugs.  

Stonedcold Santos F.t Dusty Renoylds


Stonedcold Santos has been moving more into releasing these solo Fire tracks, while he moves slowly to his first solo project but steadily with Fire. Santos is in the independent game & is not looking for a hand out, he believes in grinding for his to keep it all in the long term.   


Dusty Renoylds


Dusty Renoylds has not slowed down & we believe he has sped up with more Fire in the Underworld Music Realm, so maybe he is right and he is starting to know the demons names. The song is shorter then Dusty’s usual song but it gets to the dope lyrics and satanic rhymes,so yeah its pretty dark. 



Sotonedcold Santos is at it again & this time on his own again, showing that he is in full control.




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