Briana is on FIRE & brings it to Alicia Keys classic “If i aint got you”


Briana is on FIRE

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Briana shows her singing skills on Alicia Keys classic song “If i ain’t got you

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If I ain’t got you” Alicia Keys

The young beautiful Briana Carela has a voice sent from heaven & shows it on the covers of classic songs  Alicia Keys “If I ain’t got you” + “Make you Feel” by Bob Dylan + “Proud Mary” Tina Turner. Briana kills every song that she gets on & that includes other artists song aswell. A star is born & her new original songs & New project will be heaven to your ears.



Briana lived all around New York

The Dream never dies, it only grows & evolves + the love never dies & the experiences & things you see being from every part of the Big city. The Faith & the vision that Briana Carela is evident in her performance & has sacrificed alot & will sacrifice even more to do what it takes to make sure she lives with no regrets by living limitless & fulldilling all goals & dreams to be able to bring value to others through the most universal things in life Music.


The Las Vegas Life

One of the things Las Vegas is known for is casinos & people either winning big or losing it all. The young New york artist has proceeded to the Vegas life to bring her singing talents to the bright lights & tour the place.


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