“Spreading Da Zs” is on FIRE at the “Red Light”

Underworld Music Radio:

The underworld Of Underground Music is a place of FIRE and the 1st Quarter is in crunch time with the 2nd Quater on the way. The artist from New York are on their grind & they should be, with so much on the line. The push to the Top of the mountain has never been so vital & true, especially in Zin-Zeta’s  case with “Thottie” + “Ratchet 2 Death” both in a week span making it to Worldstar Hip-Hop, after the hard work of the push from Z4 aka Spreader Gang for almost over a year.

The Hustle is Real

The 4th solo project “Spreading Da Zs


Red Light” Zin-Zeta f.t Louiian Tillah

The Bars are on a High level with High Fire activity with Louiian Tillah killing the 1st verse & then Zin-Zeta slaughtering the 2nd verse to finish out the song. The Fire track plays as the Intro & when you press play, you understand why. The Hook is as catchy as the uptempo beat which compliments the venomous lyrics on this song.

“Dont Get found at the Red Light, Don’t let me catch you at the Red Light”

A Reason to Not Quit

Zin-Zeta followed his passion in making music & sacrificing alot of things in life to make sure he had the time to master his god given talent.The young bronx artist has had his shares of ups & downs but in the doing & never falling back, Zin-zeta met & teamed up with Graphic Kontent.

Only in the doing which you will find what is..



Z4 Productions work in a strong unit filled with solo artist that hold their own in a world of uncertainty. The grind is unstoppable & heating up every minute with the work being put in are beginning to pay out in a big way.

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