Tray Pizzy is 4 solo projects In & has never drifted from the vision & his purpose.

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Tray Pizzy

The Hip-Hop music we love & are in search for & never seem to find, is still alive in the birth place of it all in New York. The young bronx artist has never let his vision blur & when it got foggy, the grind went into overdrive. The founder of the Broke & Trippy movement is 4 solo projects in with the latest one “50 First Dates“, which was released on Dec.1st 2015 & this December 1st of 2017 will be the 2 year anniversary. The first solo project which started the young visionary artist with this collection of Fire projects was “Green Eggs & Spam” + “Life 2 Trill” dropping in the same year of 2014. On the FIRE song “Pops“, Tray Pizzy’s younger brother & brother’s keeper team up to lyrically & Flow wise kill the track.”Pimp Pimp Hooray” would later be made into a video for the Fire project “Life to Trill” which only opened the door for more visual genius on the 3rd & 4th project.

Tray Pizzy’s 3rd solo project “The Truman Show” is where the music video singles pick up the heat & speed. On the Fire single “OH NO“, Tray Pizzy was thinking out of the box but also was inspired by a certain movie that made him want to do his own version.

The Fire track “Ruthless“, is a great track for Tray Pizzy to team up for this project with brother Japan 180. The two bronx artist both hold there own lyricaly and sound great together. 




New York is BackGreen-Apple_1

The Project “50 FIRST DATES” was released Dec,1, 2015. The intro GOOD MORNING” is an interlude with Tray Pizzy arguing with his baby moms about responsibility & her taking care of the kid. The 1st song is on track 2 called “SACRIFICEwhich goes in HARD. The “SACRIFICE” is a real getting Money Motivation & great way to bring the Project in. “I be to busy for a bitch now/ to busy for the shit now/ niggas wanna have a sit down, tell them niggas they could sit down get off my dick now its only room for the clip now/ Drummer boy yeah that clip round the steel clip pow yeah nigga we the shit now” The young Bronx artist is not playing this time around & kept the project quality over quantity.TRAY PIZZY was never known for putting out a whole bunch of songs Tray keeps it simple but efficient. The track following “SACRIFICE” is an interlude “MY NAME” Skit which TRAY PIZZY talks to his girl about how she think that she hotter then him but he’s hotter then her. TRAY’s girl replies says who, & TRAY replies the world so she then responds The world don’t know me or you. “you stupid my name is TRAY PIZZY”- TRAY PIZZY. The Project moves to another heater “CHECK” straight FIRE a track filled with BARS & a catchy repetitive hook.





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