Funk Flex has been watching Ya Boi Bron for a Minute


The young Bronx artist has been on his grind for over a decade with 9 solo projects to show Ya Boi Bron’s determination & hunger to never give up & never settle. The performance side has increased at a fast rate, with the group doing many showcases & clubs.The group is We The West & it’s a group of solo artist from the west-side of the bronx. The journey to the top has not been easy for Bron but through the Hustle & focus it could seem to look that way. The young Bronx artist was known to hold his own but always be down to work with other artist & it shows in the group & movement We The West. The artist that didnt work out with working on music with Bron, have slowed down on there grind, while Bron is in over drive.

The Bronx Is Back   

The young Bronx artist is working on finishing up his 2nd trilogy with the completion of The Heat Wave 3, which is on hold for now, while Bron & the We The West is on a full Fire attack on soundcloud.

Music Fact

Ya Boi Bron wasn’t always an artist, he was actually a Dj for a very short time in the start of his journey. 


The “PAIN” video was only out for less then a week and the response was crazy , because the substance is way more felt by a massive amount of people. The clever words about his baby mother problems with one of YA BOI BRON many sick FLOWS. JURANKO (Azrael) has created his best video to date, using words on the screen but also nature & simplicity was in the formula to this one.


The “LORD DEMON” was meant to be JURANKO’s darkest vision for a video yet, even darker then “REMEMBER ME“. The song has a crazy flow, sick punchlines with a religious video theme & even a song theme.YA BOI BRON has decided to go with “LORD DEMON” as the first single, after dropping Heat after Heat.



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