Underworld Music News: The 1st Quarter is on the way Out but that doesn’t mean the Fire stops for Ya Boi Bron + More

Underworld Music Radio:firee

The Underworld of Underground Music is a place of Fire & a sacrifice of a lot of activity that does not lead to High Fire Results. The 2nd quarter of 2017 is days away & artists are pushing the Fire harder through the freezing weather or unpredictable weather in a time when it’s usually warm outside.

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Ya Boi Bron in 2016 shooting the Fire track “Lord Demon

The 1st Quarter of 2017

The Bronx is the birthplace of Hip-Hop & the We The West group and movement

Ya Boi Bron has not slowed down & only has picked up speed with his Fire activity, leaving 2016 on a high note with the Fire track “2016 Flow” but months before that was Bron’s most anticipated track “Lord Demon“. The young artist does not waste time and has not only given unbelievable grind but an unbelievable sacrifice of his time to his craft & has been rewarded with Fire music for 2016, which carried on to 2017. The 1st Quarter we seen W.T.W in action on two back to back Fire tracks “Hoes” + “Selena“.

The young Bronx artist has his powerful imagination & faith in himself & his own craft to also thank, for his unbelievable grind & patience to keep pushing. The Warm Ups was a series he used for straight rhymes with no structure & the series finished as a trilogy years ago. The Heat Wave was the series with full structure songs & has put the final part to finish the trilogy on Hold for now. The Heat Wave 3 will be more than just a project it will be an album that will sell on I-tunes, so original songs are on the way.

Hoes” F.t Ic Balla

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