Underworld Music News: Kris Byrd has finally landed with more Fire on “Moon Rocks” + 2ND Quarter is on a Rise + Zin-Zeta anticipation on track


Colorado-MoonrockUnderworld Of Underground Music:Colorado-Moonrock

Kris Byrd

kris byrd

Welcome to the 2nd quarter of 2017 in the Underworld of the Underground Music & things have just got even higher on the Fire Levels. Spreadder Gang has pushed with full force of Fire for Spreading Da Z’s, solo project from Zin-Zeta & Now marks the 2nd artist up Kris Byrd with the release of the Fire track “Moon Rocks” & it is missing the 2nd verse with according to sources the one & only Zin-Zeta kills.The Anticipation starts to build after Fire track comes out yesterday.

spreadder gang 5

MoonRock2MOON ROCKSMoonRock2

“I was High off the Moon Rocks

The Moon Rocks Fire track, is an up-tempo Fire Flow with lyrical punch lines, giving Bars the Fire treatment from Spreadder gangs Kris Byrd.The movement never stops or never slows down & is on the High with constant Fire music, the last solo project for Zin-Zeta was a team effort on the Hustle & the push & that is exactly what the game is missing.



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