Dusty Renoylds is working on a cleaner image + “Max Cady” is out on youtube Now & Underworld Music Radio Tv

Underworld Music Radio:

The world of Dusty Renoylds has been one of Drug usage ( Life & Content)  & living on the edge of life but at the same time getting work done & out to the Underworld. The young L.E.S Artist has been working on doing a 180 on his career & life, so the end to the Drugs is over for the next part of his journey.

The 2nd Quarter of 2017 is here & Dusty Renoylds is also working on a solo project & is working on a New way to put out his project with Underworld Music Radio & get his songs streamed on the Underworld Music Radio.

Max Cady

“I got a selfie with God”- Dusty Renoylds

“I got a porno with Mary” – Chapter Taye

Dusty Renoylds is Back, this time with the I.N.S group & its what you expect from Dusty & his crew straight out of this world & not giving a fuck. The Fire is on another level with crazy rhymes on religion & crazy drugs. It feels good to see the whole I.N.S still going hard in this rap game. 

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