Samantha Leah is trying to get that “Paper” & “You Know what’s up + The game will never be the Same with her Flows & voice of FIRE

Underworld Music Radio

samantha leah3

Samantha Lea has a voice & a flow of Fire, the sounds bring bliss to the world of music on the Underworld scene. The hooks are catchy & the verses give a glimpse of Samanthas personal love life & shows that she is going to make it regardless.

I can tell that you been trying with me

cant you see that im to dam Busy.

Trying to get that PAPER

The young beautiful artist is already making real music with substance for those who are dealing with love, sex heart break & getting to your dreams. Samantha Leah is an Los Angeles artist who leaves her emotions all in her music & give a soundtrack to all those who are dealing with these same situations.



If you dont tell, I wont tell

This Project is Fire & was released 2nd quarter



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