Kris Byrd is going for “Ric Flair” Status & is not slowing down with the FIRE

Underworld Music Radio

Kris Byrd is Legend 


“They don’t know what hunger is
I had to do what the hustlers did”- Kris Byrd

If you thought what Kris Byrd was doing was a fad, then your about to feel real stupid right about now, because the young bronx artist has done it again and again. The 2nd Quarter of  2017 Kris Byrd first hit you with Fire songs “Moon Rocks” & “Spread Barz” which showed that he is Next up. The 3rd Quarter of 2017 Kris Byrd comes back with death blow “Ric Flair” for the haters, with a video to celebrate the hard work in the studio with Zetaphore Productions Spreadder Gang.

Kris Byrd will not slow down

The 3rd Quarter is here but the 4th Quarter is right around the block & we know there is more Fire to come because Kris Byrd is on Fire right now after the Zin-Zeta Run its finally time for Kris Byrd to lead us to a High quality solo project.


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