“Lord Demon” released in 2016 wins Ya Boi Bron 1st place for Hip-Hop Seazon 2017

Underworld Music Radiofiree

Ciroc-French-Vanilla-CopyIt’s Time

French Vanilla is Out Now

Lord Demon” wins the Gold for Ya Boi Bron

bron season

In 2016 “Lord Demon” was uploaded on SoundCloud & in June of 2016 the darkest video of Ya Boi Bron’s catalogue was released on Youtube.The director of the video Juranko has said in a video with Underworld music that this was his first time exploring the more spooky religious dark view in his work. The song “Lord Demon” takes off with many videos of people enjoying the song filled with one of Bron’s many Fire Flows & lyrical word play. The 4th quarter of 2017 the song “Lord Demon” is revived through performance at Hip Hop Seazon 2017 and wins the #1 place & brings the gold home for Ya Boi Bron & We The West.

Lord Demon” 


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