Kris Byrd is still High on the “Moon Rocks” + The visual has finally been released

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moonrocks cover

Kris Byrd is still high on the “Moon Rocks

2nd Quarter of 2016 the song “Moon Rocks” hit SoundCloud & was one of those Fire songs that needed a visual urgently. The year of 2016 fans could only visualize “Moon Rocks” in there own minds,leaving fans wanting more. The young Bronx artist releases the “Ric Flair” video directed by Topher Will in September of 2017 for a warm up to the anticipated music video “Moon Rocks“. The 4th Quarter of 2017 is here and finally the Fire “Moon Rocks” video lands on Youtube. The Spreadder Gang managed by Graphic Kontent has been in Over Drive for the roll out of Kris Byrd’s solo project “Dreams & Nightmares” which has been next artist up after Zin-Zeta’s roll out for his solo project “Spreading Da Z’s“.































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