Kris Byrd has only Fire to give on the Holiday Quarter with “MOON ROCKS”+ “DREAMS & NIGHTMARES”

Underworld Music Radio 

Dreams & Nightmares

The holiday Quarter is here & Its starting to feel like Christmas in Hell,with all the giving of Fire going on with Kris Byrd’s music. Kris Byrd is not letting up on his run & roll out for his 1st solo project “A Bronx Tale“, which does not have a release date at this point. The 2nd Quarter of 2017 Kris Byrd joins Zin-Zeta & Young Cutta to “Spread Barz” in the name of Spreadder Gang Religion. The 3rd Quarter of 2017 it really heats up on another level when Kris Byrd takes the solo stage with the Fire hitRic Flair” track & than adds a Fire Visual from Topher Will & the rest is history. The 4th Quarter of 2017 “Moon Rocks” finally gets a visual & gives the “Moon Rocks” an extra launch of life. Kris Byrd will not let the 4th Quarter take a breath with the release of “Dreams & Nightmares” visual, soon after the “Moon Rocks” was dropped.

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