Josh Dwh believes you should do “What You Want” + “Motion Sickness” has been moving since 2016

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Josh Dwh believes you should do “What You Want

The 3rd & 4th quarter of 2017 has been one of feeding the fan base of Josh Dwh with quality songs like “What You Want“f.t Zane Davis. Josh Dwh has been putting the work in killing stages to killing the booth with Fire for 2017. The young artist Josh released his solo project “Motion Sickness” in 2016 & the push & performing has lead over to 2017.

What You Want” f.t Zane Davis
“Whats going to happen when your cloud is diminished?, Who going to push you till you get to the finish?, How many loses can you take to you winning?.- Josh Dwh

What You Want” is an motivational inspiring track that Josh Dwh gives an honset look on how you cant conform with what everyone else do.The Fire track gives you insight on an artist journey which on the way to your dream people show there true colors & you must be able to sacrifice whatever it takes to be who you are.

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