Zin-Zeta is still Spreading Da Z’s with the Fire song “Ask Me”? + Is “Spreading Da Z’s”vol.2 Coming Soon?

Ask Me What I Did Today?”

Zin-Zeta is Back for the New year with another Fire song “Ask Me“, starting the 1st quarter on a High Note. The young Bronx artist works with Graphic Kontent & Spreadder Gang to make sure the whole team is being pushed. The strategic moves made by Graphic Kontent & the team, is one artist at a time with the support of the team working with that artist. Zin-Zeta is a true lyricist who takes words beyond there limits to convey a visual story of a relationship or any real or Imaginative situation, Now add that to Deadly Flows the outcome is a dose of pure Dope Fire.

Zin-Zeta is Back with a Brand New Fire song “Ask Me to start the 1st Quarter of 2018 & now the question is will there be an “Spreading DaZs” Vol.2?.The Winter is officially upon us and the only way to bring Fire is to be one with the Fire.

The Focus & mastery of your craft is vital to the value behind your works you put out in the world. Zin-Zeta takes music serious & understands that every aspect of your songs & projects must be Fire.The only way to make Fire is to learn how to read what the instrumental has already written on it.The Life of an instrumental has its own life with a story that was made at birth.

The truth in which you being You and not what you think you suppose to be. 

Keep Learning

Zin-Zeta has learned both sides of the song creation in which he also produces Beats (Instrumentals) 

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