Breaking News: Jaymazin does not engineer for Zone 6 No More + leaves on good terms to build Mazin Sounds + more

HK Music World News

Breaking News:

Jaymazin is no longer working for Zone 6 

 The young Hells kitchen artist Jaymazin who was working as a studio engineer for Zone 6 has parted ways to build his own company Mazin Sounds. Jaymazin is an artist that has been seen the tv screen {Jury, Law & Order + More},in his younger days.

Getting to Know Jaymazin

Jaymazin has always possessed talent from a young age, dancing on the school yard singing Usher songs & acting in the plays at 52nd street project. 

The combination of music & good inspirational people around has helped Jaymazin create & put out some timeless Fire music. The Hk artist has always been one to bring Fire Bars, be the king of the hooks & make r&b with a hiphop feel & Jaymazin is now getting into Caribbean music.

Mazin Shotz TV

Jaymazin has also created a Music Video company Mazin Shotz TV that was once Ya Boi Bron’s exclusive 24/7 Music video producer with music videos out online a few hours after shooting. 



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