Blizzo has his 1st Solo project on the way with the Fire 1st single “On Da Road” for the 4th Quarter of 2k18

HK Music World News

Blizzo is going Solo & the Fire tells it all

The 4th Quarter has only started for Blizzo & the journey to the young artist’s 1st solo project is here with a Brand new Fire single to lead the roll out for the 2O19 top of the year. The young N.Y.C Artist had a Big run in the Underworld music Game making Fire tracks with Mulah Marv like “Again” + “Mystery” + “Anymore“, leaving 2K17 on a High Fire activity. “On Da Road” is the perfect track to start off the 4th Quarter, really showing the moves that Blizzo is taking will lead to the perfect new year with a Fire solo project {Project hasn’t been named yet}. The question is will a solo career be definite for Blizzo, depending on how this 1st solo project will be received, rolled out & pushed.     


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