Shine light on Fire Music

We are Here to shine a light on Fire music & also develop artist to make better choices & work together to expand the possibilities or resources. The fact of the matter is that no one is there to help the artist grow & evolve in the most important time of the artists career, yes before the fame & stardom. We all can complain that the music on the radio or being pushed online with heavy advertisements are of watered down or garbage music. We are here to inform you that the Music Game don’t love you & a contract from a big label won’t solve it. The time is Now to start to focus on the soil & roots of the music game & not on the garbage artists that make it through. The support needed to take the game to the next level is in the power of networking & the mastering of your skills & Habits. We are the voice of New York City’s greatest artist that have not yet found there way to the main spotlight.



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