2nd half of 1st Quarter 2019 Ya Boi Bron put the game in Fire Mode with “Trauma”

Underworld Music Radio                                                                                    Hk Music World News

YA BOI BRON is on Fire 

Ya Boi Bron is building a legacy of high Fire activity Quarter for Quarter in the Underworld these past years. The quality of Fire being overloaded in the game is incredible for a solo artist. The 2nd half of the 1st Quarter has been no different with the Visuals to the “Trauma” remake of Meek Mill song being released. The founder of We The West has plans to release a project soon but no promises for the Heat Wave 3 to finish up his 2nd trilogy. Fire Greatness is a big event that will take place the 2nd quarter of 2019 & “Trauma” might push the scales for Ya Boi Bron to take home the Hk Music World Championship plus many more titles & awards.  

What inspired the Fire song “Trauma”?

“All life lessons, from highlights to the losses”- Ya Boi Bron





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