Billy B got New Fire “2 Da Left” + Alaya Lee is working that Fire for the 2nd Quarter + Woman’s Fire Division has a Championship up for grabs at Fire Greatness Alaya Lee v.s Billy B

Fire Flows Radio Live  2nd Quarter Fire Greatness

Brand New Fire

logo@2xThe Woman’s Fire Division

The Road To Fire Greatness

The Woman’s are up for High Fire titles “Fire Flows Woman’s Championship” is on the line at Fire Greatness with Alaya Lee being one of the Artist in the match up against Brooklyn Lyricist Billy B & 4 more artist who have not been confirmed or mentioned yet. The two artist revealed are about the Bars & Flows, Billy B is a certified Fire maker with a Fire project Underworld Classic “Buck 50“. Alaya Lee has recently released her Fire project “A1” 2018.  

Fire History is being made at Fire Greatness

2/6 have been mentioned for the Fire Flows Woman’s Championship



Alaya Lee got Fire on the way

The 2nd Quarter of 2019 is less then 2 weeks away & Alaya Lee is working on New Fire to kill with. The 1st Quarter Alaya Lee killed with the “Pyramid” track & the Fire will not stop there.  

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